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BSc/MSc in R package Development for the FENNEC

We recently developed the software tool "FENNEC" to bioinformatically integrate organismal trait data into ecological studies.

We are now interested to implement an R package that is able to call our existing pipeline, to make it also available directly from within R.

FENNEC Background: Assessment of species composition in ecological communities and networks is an important aspect of biodiversity research. Yet, for many ecological questions ecological properties (traits) of organisms in a community are more informative than scientific names only. Furthermore, other properties like threat status, invasiveness, or human usage are relevant for many studies, but can not be directly evaluated from taxonomy alone. Despitevarious public databases collecting such information, it is still a tedious manual task to enrich existing community tables with such, especially for large data sets. We thus developed the FENNEC, a web-based workbench that eases the process of mapping publicly available trait data to the user's community tables in an automated process. 

Interested? eMail: markus.ankenbrand@uni-wuerzburg.de or a.keller@biozentrum.uni-wuerzburg.de


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