Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

Welcome to the CCTB

Biology has become a quantitative science due to many technological advances (e.g. in sequencing or microscopy), where one of the most important challenges lies in the extraction of new insights from large data sets. The mission of the Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology (CCTB) is the development and application of new theoretical approaches for big data analysis, image processing and mathematical modeling of complex biological processes.


Selected Publications

  • Venus flytrap carnivorous lifestyle builds on herbivore defense strategies. Bemm, F.; Becker, D.; Larisch, C.; Kreuzer, I.; Escalante-Perez, M.; Schulze, W. X.; Ankenbrand, M.; Van de Weyer, A. L.; Krol, E.; Al-Rasheid, K. A.; Mithofer, A.; Weber, A. P.; Schultz, J.; Hedrich, R. in Genome Res. (2016). 26(6) 812--825.
  • Bacterial Diversity and Community Structure in Two Bornean Nepenthes Species with Differences in Nitrogen Acquisition Strategies. Sickel, Wiebke; Grafe, T. Ulmar; Meuche, Ivonne; Steffan-Dewenter, Ingolf; Keller, Alexander in Microbial Ecology (2016). 71 938–953.


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Peat Swamps and Palm Oil: A Tragedy in Our Time